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HON, joint-stock company

HON a.s. is a company with an almost one-hundred-year tradition. HON a.s. connects the past with the present and the future, producing high-quality furniture.

HON, joint-stock company, reassumes the family tradition established by Jan Hon in 1924. From the original small joinery workshop, it grew into a prominent Czech manufacturer of office furniture and interior accessories.

There are nowadays two companies in Hon group, who are producing by highly qualified employees, using the latest technologies and top software skills, which are thanks to the own development department continually improving.

Hon is producing in two plants located in Skřipov and Opava office furniture under the brand HOBIS and EXNER.

HON-KOVO, established 2007, is another member of HON group. It is engaged in the metal parts production and elements of HOBIS and EXNER. It also offers custom production, development and construction activities according to customer requirements.

The range of the HOBIS and EXNER brands are greatly sold in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Scotland and even on Iceland, where western Europe investors are involved.